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Decibel meter online free for classroom

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Decibel Meter application uses the built-in microphone to determine the level of sound it detects, and displays this in decibels (dB) as max, average and peak sound pressure level. With this app, you can easily measure the current level of environmental noise. All microphone audio data are used to calculate dB reading to the user.

The free noise level display and stopwatch for the cooperative classroom. It helps students be aware of the noise level in the It helps students be aware of the noise level in the classroom.

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Noise-O-Meter! remix by njg412. Mr Dooley's Noise-O-Meter! by edooley3nr2. Noise-O-Meter! by mattiolo-clg. NIVELL DE SO by SalleTorreforta. My Classroom's noise level in a nutshell by TheXProject. noise fish by 1234567fish. noise fish copy by 1234567fish.

General guidelines on how to use a sound level meter: place the sound level meter at a sufficient distance from any obstacles or reflectors. place the microphone of the sound level meter about 1,3 - 1,5 m above the ground. place the microphone of the sound level meter in the direction of the sound source. The measurements of a decibel meter.

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